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Benedict Cumberbatch - I saw him shooting in Berlin today! (Well, from across the street…)

Okaaaaay, so here is what happened today:

lolle22 and I read on tumblr or twitter or wherever, that “The Fifth Estate” would be shooting at “Haus des Lehrers” in Berlin today, so we just decided to try our luck and stop by after uni. So we went (really thinking “This is never gonna happen, we’re never gonna see him!”), partly because we wanted to and also because it is basically on our way home. But like I said, we didn’t really expect to see anything. So when we arrived and turned around the corner, a giant orange light crane (is that what you call it? Never mind, look at the picture, you know what I mean) was parked right in front of the building. They had already been shooting for I while, I guess (it was just after 2.30 p.m., I don’t know when they started).

lolle22 and I were already giggling with excitement and we positioned ourselves across the street. The lightning techs stationed outside were eyeing us suspiciously (we were the only ones there, so…), so we didn’t get any closer. Lots of young people were inside, probably extras. I’m not sure what kind of scene they were shooting, but lolle22 suddenly grabbed my arm and squealed (sorry, girl, but you did! ;) ) and we saw a head of extremely blonde/white hair inside! They kept doing a scene were Assange apparently talks to someone (he was wearing the greenish coat from Reykjavik again) and then hurries to the door. That’s where they always cut. We watched it for a while, but although it was sunny, we got cold after half an hour and went inside. We weren’t gone that long, but when we came back, basically all the extras were gone. I thought (quite disappointedly) that they had already finished, but we waited anyway and then suddenly, I saw BC again, still inside. This time, he was heading for the door accompanied by Daniel Brühl. BC was carrying several huge bags, I’m not sure why. But the best part was the way he was walking: he was making huuuuge steps and kind of creeping forward, with his head making movements like a chicken. (Looked similar to the pigeon in this post: (x)) I don’t know how else to describe it, it looked really weird and funny. Hope that’s gonna be in the movie! xD I just laughed so much, all the people passing by were staring at us.

Anyway, we watched another take, but then decided that they would probably be shooting for a loooong time, so we sighed heavily and went home.

I know, it’s not like I actually met him or anything, but it’s really nice to see someone (even from across the street) to realize he is actually a real person and not just your favorite TV detective or something.

(Sorry for the low quality of the last one… But you CAN make them out! )


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