"Good old Watson! You are the one fixed point in a changing age."

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Ben not in Telluride - watching Martin in RichardIII!




According to a whole slew of people on Twitter, he and Andrew Scott are in the audience of Richard III tonight.  Oh to have had a ticket for tonight’s show.


Good boys. Hope they didn’t choosed stage seats.


Imagine coming in and realise that you’re sitting within arm’s length of Andrew and/or Benedict. Someone is lucky tonight.

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Gonna be home from my holiday tomorrow. Finally. And then it’s almost time for London, Richard III and Martin!

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khan & kirk beating the shit out of each other (◡‿◡✿)  

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The original seems to be offline so if you miss it here it is again.

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slay me

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Interview with John Finnemore, star and writer of Cabin Pressure.

In Italy we talked to him about Zurich, new upcoming shows and his favorite Cabin Pressure moment.

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for leia

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Glad for a little help from sesamestreet's Count Von Count to count the Emmys for Sherlock on MASTERPIECE. It all adds up!

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